The Amazu Family

Although international, The Amazoil group has been a family business since it’s incarnation as a transport company in 1949 by Sir Lawrence C. Amazu. This family structure has meant that The Group has never lost sight of the importance of relationships at the core of its business both internally and through the service it provides to clients.

The Group currently employs over 250 people, many from the same family and in some cases more than one generation work together for Amazoil.

Amazoil is now managed by Sir Og and Lady Joy Amazu who have focussed on both growing and sustaining the communities that support The Group.

They have scaled up Amazoil’s relationships & partnerships to include the private offices of high profile high net worth individuals, nominated advisers and the investment arms of local and international banks to create a respected and client focussed consultancy within the emerging markets of Africa.

Today, the Amazu family travel between their Nigerian head office and their base in London, running one of the most successful businesses in Africa.